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Anti-Cheat Status Change and News


Dear users,

According to the latest customer feedback both "5EWIN/5EPLAY/5EARENA" and "Esportal" appears to potentially unsafe at the moment. We are still investigating this issue, as not all users have been banned on the platform, and there are still customers who still use it safely. However the amount of ban reports prove to be significant enough to raise concern. We are still looking into what has caused this, and how to fix it.

We apologize for this bad news, and we would like to reassure every customer of ours that we will resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Compensation will be offered to each and every affected customer after we have resolved the issues. Current user time will be frozen to prevent user time expiry.
If you would like to continue using our software on other platforms such as Official Steam Matchmaking (VAC) or any other anti-cheat listed on the status page (https://umbrasoftware.net/status/), please submit a ticket here to request an unfreeze:

Alternatively you can also send an email here:

You can request to unfreeze, or conversion to other software such as "Titan" or "Wraith", which you can use on various platforms. The full list can be found on the Status page.

Playing on other anti-cheats as of now is not affected in any shape or form.

At the moment we are investigating the situation, and conducting tests. Please be patient.

Umbra Software Development Team

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