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  2. I do not quite understand this. Please if you can talk to me on QQ and expand upon your idea.
  3. 想集体拉闸?5E内部人员? 傻逼脑瘫?这个想法你怎么想出来的?
  4. 希望作者能够有奖励的形式举办一场友谊赛,让us用户参加并且展示。让更多有购买意向的客户观看us的效果!同时也可以促进用户之间的交流,就当作是中国春节的预热节目,我想一定会精彩,很刺激的!
  5. 我已经重新下载了新的us和参数文本还是无法正确读取!看到请尽快帮助我,我的QQ1006277118
  6. 火绒卸载了但是还是一直显示火绒安全软件 无法注入
  7. Hello, I have reset it for you. Now you will be able to login : ) Next time you need this please let us know so we can help you sooner. I see you tried to login a few days ago too but failed, so I have added a few days to your time.
  8. 你好,我續費後顯示要reset..請解除我的機器碼限制,thx
  9. Shifty


    You can login now! I have reset it for you! ?
  10. woc


    我更新了 电脑驱动然后他提升reset
  11. Yes of course. Go to this link: https://umbrasoftware.net/clients/orders/ Invoice #5201 Pay that invoice for 2.5 euro upgrade and you will have access.
  12. Admin你好! 我错误的购买了幽灵5EWIN的版本,想换成幽灵5EWIN和云雷达的版本,请问可否更换 谢谢!
  13. Due to alipay limitations we are not allowed to sell gift cards directly. If you wish to buy gift cards contact me on: My discord: Sh¦fty#4936 My QQ: 1093819142
  14. Here you can see all the settings: https://umbrasoftware.net/wraith-settings/ You can set it to "0" How to use cloud radar: You may need to run this to fix the radar:
  15. 自动压枪的功能可以关闭吗?
  16. IjkCr.xfzm Here is a config for you with radar only. Using the radar on same PC is not recommended. Please use it on a Phone/Tablet/Laptop.
  17. 我需要一个不带自瞄,只要分屏雷达的设置。谢谢大家
  18. Show me your config please.

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