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  2. Please try both options in your Titan+ Config HongKong = 1 HongKong = 0 If neither of them works please take a look at this article here:
  3. 有沒有詳細的使用說明.要下載哪些文件,怎麼開啟...有沒有大老教一下.微信:Pangss1250
  4. Contact me on WeChat. I will help you remotely.
  5. 那个平台啊,好久没玩了。不知道现在稳定不
  6. I can pull you in the group on WeChat and you can look for team members there as well.
  7. 优先A+左右想组个车队有意向的留下Q
  8. Once he wakes up Update was released at 4 AM European time
  9. 今天能更新好吗 大概需要多久
  10. CSGO updated. Waiting for the developer Razex to update Titan+
  11. 2022/4/26 STEAM没效果5E还没有去试但是如果STEAM应该没有效果5E也没用试了
  12. Do you still require help? Do you still require help?
  13. Please, clarify your issue. Titan+ doesn't work during ranked matches on 5E?
  14. 5E闪退 训练可以 但是打排位不行 无法获取客户端
  15. 1. Try to use your native resolution if possible (1920x1080, for example) 2. Mouse speed (sensitivity) should be less than 1 (0.8, for example) 3. Increase your DPI however you want to compensate low mouse speed
  16. 分辨率 1440*1080 4:3 DPI 800 鼠标速度 1.40

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