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  2. 游戏更新了, 软件没有效果了
  3. What's your current mailbox and the mailbox would you like us to change it to?
  4. 肯定有啊,所有参数调成温柔即可
  5. 兄弟们有无很不明显的5Ecfg
  6. 我需要更改我的邮箱绑定 怎么样才能更改
  7. 别人都有扳机为什么我的软件没有扳机啊
  8. You can turn it off. HumanizedRCS = 0 IN the GLOBAL section like this: [GLOBAL] Aimbot.AccuracyFix = 1 LegitMode = 0 HumanizedRCS = 0
  9. Try this config: titan.txt Tell me the results!
  10. 能不能吧以前的压枪调回来
  11. 4:3拉伸。1920:1440,鼠标dpi 750
  12. Show me your configuration file please. Tell me your in game sensitivity and DPI. Tell me your screen resolution.
  13. 昨天玩还正常,今天5e更新只有,压枪弹道变得很乱
  14. 现在可以用吗?准备第四次续费了。但是刚才看到有人发帖子说 不能用?改时间也不行?
  15. 各位5E玩家们大家好!我喜欢在5E打优先上分,非优先也可以!如果目前分段在优先2000分非优先2100分!想一起玩的加qq591172685可以一起组队上分哦!可以建个群大家一起游玩!
  16. Take a look at this page: https://umbrasoftware.net/titan-settings/ There is a translator built in the website. You can use it to translate it. If you dont udnerstand something please ask and I am happy tp help! At the moment I cannot provide you a direct translation of the parameters.
  17. 泰坦的中文翻译能给我发一下吗?

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