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  2. 上面这个二维码以过期,需要新的二维码
  3. 二维码过期的话可以加我微信我拉你进群
  4. Please try both options in your Titan+ Config HongKong = 1 HongKong = 0 If neither of them works please take a look at this article here:
  5. 有沒有詳細的使用說明.要下載哪些文件,怎麼開啟...有沒有大老教一下.微信:Pangss1250
  6. Contact me on WeChat. I will help you remotely.
  7. 有没有跟我类似的问题啊 亲们
  8. 那个平台啊,好久没玩了。不知道现在稳定不
  9. I can pull you in the group on WeChat and you can look for team members there as well.
  10. 优先A+左右想组个车队有意向的留下Q
  11. Once he wakes up Update was released at 4 AM European time
  12. 今天能更新好吗 大概需要多久
  13. CSGO updated. Waiting for the developer Razex to update Titan+

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