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  3. 我出差结束了,可以帮我解除TT的冻结吗,谢谢@Shifty
  4. 我出差结束了,可以帮我离开TT的吗,谢谢 @可能是的
  5. Please unfreeze my titan's time,thank u
  6. Yesterday
  7. How to use Titan in an Internet cafe bound to USB, not bound to computer machine code?
  8. 我出差结束了,可以帮我离开TT的吗,谢谢 @狡猾的
  9. 请帮我转换成余额,谢谢
  10. Try now please. I have unlocked it for you.
  11. There is a problem currently. I am talking with razex for a possible fix. I can see it being unable to load. PLease give ups a little time. I apologize.
  12. 可以加载了,我以为是我系统的问题,重装了一遍系统,可以帮我解绑一下吗 我的账号 SZH1131
  13. Can you show me a screenshot please? I have initiated a rebuild for everybody.
  14. 使用US无法加载,显示在维护 请问什么时候可以维护好 维护好可以补时长吗
  15. Last week
  16. 他自动扣了我30欧元 能不能帮我订阅成15天tt
  17. 30min ago i bought a titan and then it view let me uninstall 360 an i do it but nothing happen it still view plz uninstall 360
  18. Titan+ is currently undergoing an update. Its not ready to use for the perfect platform just yet. My estimate is 2-3 weeks until perfect platform is supported.
  19. 1. Titan Internet cafe will bind to USB drive only. It depends on your preference really and how often do you go there. Maybe if you go there regularly you can buy a longer regular version and instead opt for using the unbinding service. I can provide a discount for you if you buy 10 unbindings at a time. 2. We did not test it on Windows 7, but it is unlikely it will work. 3. We do not ship USB You can use any kind of USB stick. Here: https://umbrasoftware.net/discord/invite/main/
  20. 4.我想参加到群聊里边 怎么才可以加入? discord号为多少?
  21. 1.我是网吧用户 需要买泰坦的哪个版本呢? 2.W7系统可不可以玩 3.USB是哪里发货呢?
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