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  1. Yesterday
  2. This is the parameter I used. https://umbrasoftware.net/topic/701-perfect-world-pvp-experimental-support/
  3. Last week
  4. 我调低了我的参数 并且再次被封禁了
  5. 测试第四天,游戏中被检测到,封禁了!
  6. I double checked and your account is not bound to any machine. It was automatically reset. Could you try again now and show me a screenshot if you get an error?
  7. Here is what I have changed in the new config file. 5EWINSECURE = 1 PERFECTWORLDSECURE = 1 VisCheck.PrecisionMode = 2 Great to hear! Several users said they have been playing safely for several days now. Could you please show me your config file? I doubt the cheat is detected because several users can play without issues.
  8. 说实话我怀疑现在完美已经检测的到幽灵辅助了,我一个号坚持了2天,然后第三天打完下线后再次上线就封禁了,于是我再次拿小号测试,进游戏后5分钟就被封禁了
  9. 今天依旧没有封禁,最近的配置应该可以绕过检测,因为第一的配置我是游戏内就被封禁了,现在稳定第三天没有封禁。
  10. 请问今天的测试结果如何,关注ing
  11. 我觉得需要参数调整的范围使他看起来更加合法化,因为我觉得很多人的封禁并不是平台检测到了你的外挂,而是平台本身的人工监管系统看出了你的自瞄,所以参数和演技很重要
  12. 你是用的昨天新上传的配置吗? 第一次的配置我用了秒封,刚上传的这个还没有封禁
  13. 我用新的配置测试了3天 在第三天被PAC了
  14. 没有封禁,今天继续测试,打的是白银局。
  15. What is the situation, has it been banned up to now?
  16. Great to hear. Please keep in mind that you should not play too obviously. Avoid using overpowered settings.
  17. Please remember the acting skills, don’t be too obvious, because the perfect manual review is very strict, we only look at whether the program will be detected by anti-cheat
  18. 今天用了新配置,测试游戏5局,没有被封禁,等待时间更长的测试。
  19. A user of ours have been playing on the platform since we announced it. A new config file was uploaded to the website and an announcement was posted regarding the updated config file settings.
  20. ,It is currently uncertain that the new version will still cause the perfect platform pac to be banned, and if detected it will be banned in about 4 to 12 hours after playing.
  21. Hey, A few users were banned today, however it is unclear if all users were affected or not. We are waiting for more information. I have removed it from the list while we gather the data. We will investigate and conduct our own test this week. While we do that we will also wait for users to report if anything has happened or not. So far 4 users reported it.
  22. Hello, is the cheat gamersclub still undetectable? I don't see the same in the list of anti cheats
  23. I have given you 1 day. We will wait for more reports to come in. Thank you for testing.
  24. 是的,我用的就是刚上传的完美平台参数
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