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  4. Yes it will be significantly safer and more stable. We plan to release it this week yes. This week bro. We plan to release it this week yes.
  5. We have recieved soem reports lately. There are many users who complained but there are many who use it without any issues as well We will release a new software to fix all these problems this week.
  6. If it can be released this week, we will buy it as soon as possible, but we need it to be more stable
  7. 我想知道会更加稳定以及拥有更高的舒适度吗?这周内如果能发布的话我们会在第一时间购买,但我们需要它更稳定,对于us封禁了很多高价值账号我们是很难过的,但是我们同时相信us团队会做出更优秀的内容。 "巨人" "幽灵", 特劳斯 · 巴伦 , 多文并迈
  8. Sorry no. We currently only have Radar and Sound ESP. Currently both of them are being updated.
  9. have Perspective Function? i want buy it . but i dont know tihe cheat have perspective or other? :DDDD
  10. No, the cheat does not have Wallhack/ESP
  11. Does it have clairvoyance?
  12. Earlier
  13. 他是以雷达服务器所在地命名的 雷达香港服务器=雷达的网络服务器在香港 雷达新加坡服务器=雷达的网络服务器在新加坡
  14. qq群号:838937672 在这里大家一起分享交流游戏经验,同时一起分享UM的使用经验以及最新的资讯,同时我们邀请Shifty加入群聊,这个群帮助大家一起分享UM的最新使用情况,互相交流以防大家在5E的时候出现账号封禁的情况。
  15. 为什么会有一个新加坡版本和香港版本,具体是干嘛的
  16. If you still need help with this please contact me on QQ: 1207964767
  17. Dont use the the in game radar on EAC. Use Cloud radar on your phone or tablet or notebook instead. Do not use it on the same computer.
  18. Getting back into the game and was wondering if the $25 Wraith version supports EAC. Do all the features work on EAC or is it only non-visual? If i remember correctly, radar and other visuals do not work on EAC If someone can clarify what works and what doesn't, I'd appreciate it!
  19. EFI Guardian will soon be replaced with a new product, EFI Guardian development will continue and hopefully be available later this year but our new product is just as great we hope :)
  20. Contact me: 1207964767
  21. 联系shifty或者中国代理MM
  22. 有没有教教我!买了不会用!研究了两天了没搞懂还是闪退!
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