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  3. I'd like to test the titan in my computer... Cain i use the titan internet cafe edition at gamersclub ? and Can i use wraith on gamersclub ?
  4. 我想把我泰坦升级为泰坦®
  5. Last week
  6. I hope you can unlock it for free. Thanks, big brother
  7. There was a problem with the system that was reinstalled the first time, so I had to reinstall it the second time, and now it’s fine
  8. 游戏更新了, 软件没有效果了
  9. Earlier
  10. Hi, Add me on Discord and we can have a talk about your options.
  11. i want buy titan+ but im banned on gamersclub, i would like to know what i need to change in my setup to get back
  12. I search a reseller or a way to pay with paypal ?!?!
  13. Primeiramente você está na aba errada de questionar isso. Segundo você tem GUIDES que te explicam como configurar, baixar e instalar, basta você querer procurar. Você configura o cheat antes de INJETA-LO.
  14. Depoins de injetar como configurar?
  15. Thank you for your kind words.
  16. You can find your payment bill here: https://umbrasoftware.net/clients/orders/
  17. What's your current mailbox and the mailbox would you like us to change it to?
  18. Do you still need the HWID reset? Why do you need it?
  19. 肯定有啊,所有参数调成温柔即可
  20. tt现在压枪和手枪很机械,一下子就过去了很假在这样下去要被封
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