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  4. Shifty


    Are you in Internet cafe? Is it at the end of the round? Does irt happen always? We will add a function soon to reload the cheat without restarting.
  5. 我是5e版本的用户,在使用过程中经常出现打完一局之后,辅助会失效,需要重新载入。怎么解决?
  6. Last week
  7. If you have connection problems please find me on QQ. I will try and help you.
  8. Hello, It is safe to use as long as you follow our instructions. Simply make sure to enable the Radar in your configuration file. Then grab your phone/tablet/notebook and open a web browser. Open our website and login to you account, then click on "radar" in the navigation panel: or on Phone: Please take a few minutes and read our instructions below or on the Client generation page: https://umbrasoftware.net/client-download/ If you have any questions please contact us either here on the forum or you can alternatively contact me on Discord and QQ. My d
  9. I bought the 5Ewin+radar bundle. is the radar safe and how do I load it on my phone?ty
  10. Sorry about the dirty screen, it was the blood sweat and tears from coding this beast
  11. That's amazing, congratulations guys! Looking forward to the official announcement!
  12. Dear users, We are excited to announce that secretly behind the scenes we have been hard at work creating a new cheat for CS:GO that will support ALL anticheat platforms (we hope) by leveraging the power of UEFI without compromising on features. This cheat was created to combat all existing incompatibility issues with our flagship product (Wraith), in itself Wraith supports more anticheats than any other competitor and with EfiGuardian this will cater to the extreme professional and the more advanced anticheat systems. We have not yet discussed the schematics of this so we will
  13. There are text based instructions.
  14. 额 基本不需要新手教程 如果你需要的话我可以手把手教你 你可以加我qq:2777961635或者discord:MM#1654
  15. 如题 有没有新手使用教程 比较详细的
  16. 目前还不支持,不过已经在准备阶段了,具体可以躲避检测的你可以在https://umbrasoftware.net/status/这里查看
  17. 开启的时候如果打开b5,会不会封号 话说啥时候能支持b5和完美平台
  18. 听说弄了一个共享版本?和独立的个人版本!有这回事么
  19. Earlier
  20. Shifty


    We have been safe since we have released the 5e version. We released 2020 spring.
  21. ray


    I want to know how long cheat keep safe for 5ewin,few months?
  22. 有问题可以加Mask,Mask替你解决疑惑,给你帮助. Your browser does not support the video tag.
  23. NEED HLP PLS for install Wraith

    1. yurzhy


      Have just answered in PM, Jamas

  24. Wraith is our external aim assistance cheat designed for the hardcore league player who needs the highest tier of security on all services that they play on. It has the most advanced kernel level protection methods currently in use by a Pay2Cheat making detection vastly more difficult than any cheat of it's kind and bypasses literally 99.9% of all existing client-side anti-cheat with near perfection.


    Supported OS

    • Windows 10 64bit


    System Requirements

    • FAT/FAT32/exFAT USB Flash Drive or Vritual Drive
    • Installed redistributables
    • Optional: Anti-Virus Uninstalled



    • Panic Key
    • Target Team
    • Smoke Check
    • Perfect Visibility Checking (Traceray)


    • Cloud radar functionality
    • Active
    • Premium Hong Kong Server



    • Active
    • Key
    • Bone
    • Dynamic Bone
    • Closest Bone
    • Bone Priority
    • Bullet count
    • Fov
    • Fov Type (static / dynamic)
    • Smooth
    • Transfer Stop
    • Delay
    • Visibility Check
    • Flash Check
    • Ground Check
    • Sticky mode
    • RCS (recoil control system)
    • RCS Minimum Bullets
    • Flickshot
    • Flickshot Key


    Standalone RCS (recoil control system)

    • Active
    • Standalone RCS smooth
    • RCS Minimum Bullets



    • Active
    • Overshoot
    • Magnet
    • Key
    • Delay
    • Visibility Check
    • FlashCheck
    • Ground Check


    Custom Weapon Configurations for all weapons



    Our ever-evolving state-of-the-art RING0 security measures combined with unique loaders and unique cheat builds guarantee that all our customers can confidently use our products.


    Supported Anti-cheat

    Here you can find the currently supported anti-cheat list.

    Stay tuned for more...

    Planned Features

    Submit your suggestions! ?



    From 32.50 EUR/15 days
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