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  1. EFI Guardian will soon be replaced with a new product, EFI Guardian development will continue and hopefully be available later this year but our new product is just as great we hope :)
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  2. Thanks so much @Shiftyfor the best support
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  3. 他是以雷达服务器所在地命名的 雷达香港服务器=雷达的网络服务器在香港 雷达新加坡服务器=雷达的网络服务器在新加坡
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  4. Thank you for your trust. Wrote a ticket
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  5. It will be added yes. If you wish I can add you to the tester list. Please open a ticket: https://umbrasoftware.net/contact/
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  6. I can help you with it if you want me to. You can contact me on: My discord: Sh¦fty#4936
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