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  1. Hi all colleagues, please don't bother with editing, I'm no expert and I don't even know the basics. I put some MM & GC clips for you guys. Hope you like it. 1392980293_umbralove.mp4
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  2. umbra.mp4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-vpQ34KeY
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  3. Hey, here's my personal view or I should say experience on UmbraSoftware's after 3 days in my subscription time, play-time is really short with it as you can see I'm only 3 days in and I'm already leaving a feedback down, hope you don't mind Act 1: So, first of all I've no idea how I managed to find this cheat it was an coincident I guess, I was searching through ring0 external cheat around on google as I wanted something different to try it out, cause I was using an Internal one and it was made private since last november(N***). Coincidently at first thought, I think you would called it as "fate", I found Umbra's through elitepvper after scrolling through the forum. Then, I went to check it out and it actually has what I wanted, league supported. Thou not any league, but it actually supported "most" at the current state. So, I decided to try it out since trying won't causes any harm. Then, I purchased Titan on 18/8/2021, 15D Subscription. Act 2: After I've made payment for it, I hopped in and try it out like anyone would do. *it was terrible for me* (I had some issues with my OS Build, I had to go through many trials & error & even I had a thread open/support ticket open in discord, but then the respond is kind of slow, which I understand, we're humans too. Other's had commitment too. Then, I decided to solve it by my own where-by my mind nearly goes *migraine* after numbers of time of crashes, I decided to made a clean window installation, ... it works) 1 DAY Downtime wasted Act 3: After everything seems to work, I started doing some trials & error as not much configuration were posted up on the forum, configuring up to my own playstyle & then guess what.. it was so flawless. Ending: Well if you ask me should you get UmbraSoftware's, my answer to you is yes. Definitely, do get the Titan, worth the buy if you had more spares in your pocket. It has a very sleek loader design, everything is very minimal for feature wise, which is more than enough for what you need for closeting/legit gameplays be it on MM / League. To add on, we're talking about "X" number of league supported, which is hardly to come by for any public cheat & it has a small userbase which is really good. Personally, I would still extend my subs even after it ends, so time to time I could use Umbra's when I'm playing League. Security: Well, I guess it should be fine, only three days in . Admins, Thank you so much for chipping in your responds on my tix in discord.
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  4. First of all, Thank you for your review and kind words. I apologize for the rather slow reply, but i am mostly doing it by myself alone. Since you managed to solve the problem sooner than I could effectively help you I dont know what was the core issue at hand, but I am glad you have resolved it and didn't give up and leave without giving it a proper try. I have added you one extra day because of you initial problems. If you have any questions or in need of help please let me know and i will try to help you as soon as I can.
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