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  1. Yes, we have a product specifically for this:
  2. Thank you for the review ? FaceIT and ESEA support might come in the future, but will definitely not be publicly available.
  3. Greetings, Over the past couple of months we have been hard at work improving the security and usability of our products. Regarding Gamers Club: Through thorough testing with multiple Brazilian testers we have confirmed that we are now safe again on Gamers Club. The reason that it took so long is because we didn't want to implement a quick fix like some other providers have done or release it too early without proper testing. The security improvements we have implemented permanent and will also help future proof us on other platforms. Due to the amount of time we have dedicated to these updates, we have decided to slightly increase the pricing. We decided to wait to release the Cloud Radar for normal Wraith users until all the security issues with Gamers Club were fixed as we want to provide our users with the best possible experience. However we are proud to announce that a Cloud Radar package is now also available to non 5EWIN users, which you can check out here: Cloud Radar: During the early launch of our Cloud Radar system we had a lot of complaints about stability and delays to our Singapore server. We tried using servers in Hong Kong, we tried reducing the amount of packets sent, we tried using our own proxy servers and we tried multiple different Chinese VPN's. They were all to no avail. The current solution we have right now is a high performance server in Singapore with unlimited Gigabit bandwidth in order to support as many users as possible. An equivalent US server will be added in the coming week for the normal Wraith version. Connectivity and stability issues have been (mostly) solved through changing our transfer protocol and heavily optimizing our compression algorithm in order to allow as much data as possible to transfer as quickly as possible. This allows us to send over 20 updates per second to and from the client even on lower bandwidth networks using a VPN, resulting in lower latency and minimal use of positional interpolation on the client side. Over the past couple of weeks we have received close to 0 complaints about neither connectivity issues nor server delays. Our latest update also introduced a few custom radar images provided by our community that show callout positions (we currently only support English and Chinese maps, but we welcome more).
  4. The cafe version does not have radar.
  5. Dear users, As per the request of many Chinese customers we have rewritten the HWID system to allow for separate single day subscriptions that will have a separate HWID tied to them. The single day HWID will be reset every time you purchase a new subscription. This means that you won't have worry about HWID resets when playing on internet cafe's as long as you purchase a new single day subscription for every computer/cafe you plan to play on. You can purchase it here:
  6. What issue/error do you receive?
  7. We do have a setup guide. If you have any issues you can make a post in the premium section about it. We also have multiple chinese agents that are willing to help you out ?
  8. The cheat is stable and has never been detected on 5E. Alternatively to a USB stick you can use Veracrypt to set up a virtual volume: https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/Downloads.html And here is a simple guide for it:
  9. Yes, you do have to use a usb flash drive.
  10. Razex

    5E WIN

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but if you set the option Shifty showed you everything will be translated for you. Including the setting explanations and tutorials.
  11. Wraith 5ewin supports 5e. None of the cheats support faceit client, we do however support faceit serverside.
  12. The radar works on GamersClub, but it's not advised to use it.
  13. Greetings, We have now expanded our list of supported currencies by adding Payssion to our payment gateway. This means that in addition to our current payment methods, we now support Boleto, Wechat, Yandex, Paysafecard and many more! - Umbra Staff
  14. Greetings, We have decided to move 5EWIN support for wraith into a separate product in order to increase security and at the same time keep up with the demand from the Chinese market. The Chinese market from now on will be treated with extra attention and we have invested countless hours into making the transition as smooth as possible for the affected users . For this reason the price has also gone up, existing 5EWIN customers are entitled to an early bird discount (open a ticket about it). Along with this we have also created a separate forum section for Chinese customers to be able to more closely interact with them in their own language. - Umbra Staff
  15. Yes, we have had no bans.
  16. It's a config file, but we plan on doing a cloudconfig very soon.
  17. Your card was declined, I recommend contacting your bank about it
  18. We unfortunately don't support paypal, what was the issue with alipay?
  19. Sorry, but we don't offer any fool proof solution for evading GC bans just yet. We do however aim to support something like that in the future.
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