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  1. You can find your payment bill here: https://umbrasoftware.net/clients/orders/
  2. What's your current mailbox and the mailbox would you like us to change it to?
  3. Do you still need the HWID reset? Why do you need it?
  4. Please download a new client and don't touch anything apart from the inject button.
  5. Hey, Titan and Titan+ supports gamersclub, and it hasn't been detected yet. You can purchase Titan - HERE
  6. Hey, Wraith nor Titan doesn't support ESEA or Faceit
  7. Your HWID has been reset. Ready to use
  8. From my understanding you need an HWID reset?
  9. Your subscription has been converted into Titan
  10. You can purchase an HWID reset here: https://umbrasoftware.net/store/product/13-hwid-unlock/
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