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  1. No reason reply to your own post, after not even an hour has passed and especially tag Shifty. Just be patient
  2. Some of you might receive VAC Bans while playing on 5E. 5E Client is causing faulty VAC Bans to be generated (Photo below) (NOT CHEATS FAULT) Umbra Software is not affected in any shape or form. You can use it safely. Source: https://twitter.com/CSGO/status/1316830402753916928 https://afkgaming.com/articles/csgo/News/5171-asian-csgo-pros-and-streamers-receive-false-vac-bans-no-response-from-valve Translation: 5E客户绕过了CS:GO的“信任模式”,这导致了其玩家的VAC禁令。当5E修复其客户并停止生成新的VAC禁令时,我们将为受影响的用户回滚禁令。
  3. Appreciate for your review. We hope you'll enjoy using umbra through out the time
  4. Thank you for your amazing review We hope you'll keep enjoying umbra
  5. QuzFlips


    Thank you for your amazing review We hope you'll keep enjoying umbra
  6. Thank you for your amazing review We hope you'll keep enjoying umbra
  7. QuzFlips

    Good support

    Thanks for your review! We hope you'll keep enjoy using Umbra Software
  8. 5ewin version is mainly for 5ewin. The normal/basic version is for other leagues that are supported. You can check the supported leagues and their statuses here -> Anti-Cheat
  9. QuzFlips


    Thanks for the review! We hope that you'll keep enjoy the cheat and having fun with it
  10. We do not support wallhack since it is mainly for Leagues. We do support radar hack tho
  11. Before making your own thread please read this! Your question might be already answered here. Anti-Cheat Status/Supported Leagues -> Status Last Detection -> Unknown (Never) Accepted payment methods -> Stripe, Coinbase (BTC,LTC,ETH,BCH), Alipay Faceit -> Faceit's server side plugin is supported,but not the Anti-Cheat itself Cheat Menu -> The cheat is external and has no menu. Settings are configured through the config Cheat Features/Prices -> Features/Prices 5win supportability -> We support 5E ,but not B5 Where to purchase 5ewin cheat? -> 5ewin Cheat 5ewin League is not supported on the Wraith Basic Version Other Games Anti-Cheat -> Other games Anti-Cheats doesn't pick up on our software Our Testimonials/Vouches -> Testimonials/Vouches Config Selection -> After you purchase the cheat,you'll be able to download few premade configs or make your own config
  12. There is no reason for Vanguard to pickup on this.
  13. QuzFlips

    Test League

    Hope you enjoyed using UmbraSoftware! Thanks for your review!
  14. -> -> -> Review by QuzFlips <- <- <- Waited a few days,before writing the review,since I wanted to be 100% sure and confident what I'm exactly writing and telling to other members/users is true. First impression was amazing and surprising. The website was well built without any issues. Website design,looks and it's support was great. I had few issues with the loader,because of my PC,but "Razex" was able to fix them pretty quickly without any major issues. Injecting process was smooth. There wasn't many configs I could use,so I had to make my own,which later I did post on the forums for everyone to use. It was really easy to make your own config for your own play style. Each command line was explained in the forums pretty well for everyone to understand. Even a user with little to no knowledge could make his own config. Umbra supports a lot of leagues with great Feature list. Overall my experience was amazing with few minor issues.
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