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  1. Appreciate your review Glad to hear that you enjoy Umbra's products
  2. You were able to use Titans RCS since it's launch. Yes,RCS had some issues,but with the right settings it was usable. Both titan versions are currently being updated by developers
  3. Shifty has both of his QQ's frozen. I'd suggest you using a VPN and trying again. Umbra does provide a VPN for you,which you can find here: https://520us.xyz/vpn/
  4. Both Titan and Titan+ are in early accesses. Bugs and issues are expected to happen
  5. Your HWID has been reset. I've also converted one of your payments into Account credit,which you can find here: https://umbrasoftware.net/clients/credit/
  6. Login issues have been resolved. Your time has been compensated
  7. Everything will be handled and it will be very simple to use,while also being convenient. We're worried about current and future account freezing/suspending on those platforms,since competitors report us and get our accounts frozen/suspended
  8. Your time has been compensated.
  9. No,there are no other configs apart from premade Titan config that is already on the website,which you can find it here. https://umbrasoftware.net/premade-configurations/
  10. No,there is currently no gun specific parameters
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