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  1. Hello, I have a few questions. 1. Is it possible to load cheats without deleting windows defener? The defender has its own exclusions, because I really don't want to break the system. 2. Will perfect cheating go live this month? I may renew again after PAC live. In addition, I was kicked from the QQ group because the administrator told me that I bought it from the official website(US), not from the website they represent...dont care that.. Thanks for replay.
  2. 云雷达就是你在手机上能看小地图敌人位置,不过用起来感觉一般。 稳的一批,自己会演就行。
  3. 放心吧,5e一直都在用,稳得一批。
  4. yes,i am now rebuild my pc,it will take 4 more hours just i tried ,download vs,close windefender ,but when i load it just a logo in the mid then disapper ,and no effect in game .
  5. hello,is the cheat safety? whats your feel?
  6. hello,5E win updates thier anti_cheat recent days,and i want to know weather the cheat is safety. im sure a good actor,i just use aimmbot. they banned manny accounts these days.
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