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  1. I don't know because they haven't written the details of anti-cheat but since they haven't requested the installation of anti-cheat, so I only know that it's a server-side anti-cheat. how about vac detection and week's payment?
  2. There is a tournament in April, so I'm thinking about purchasing this cheat. How many times have you been vac detected in the past? ( I would use cheat on main, so I must to use high secure cheat. ) The tournament is probably using a server-side anti-cheat, I don't know what to use, do you think it's safe? Can I buy a week's worth instead of a month's worth?
  3. I try to use this cheat for csgo tournament, but the only concern is whether VALORANT(Vanguard AC) will detect this. I will be a pro at this game so I don't want to get ban.
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