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  1. I double checked and your account is not bound to any machine. It was automatically reset. Could you try again now and show me a screenshot if you get an error?
  2. Here is what I have changed in the new config file. 5EWINSECURE = 1 PERFECTWORLDSECURE = 1 VisCheck.PrecisionMode = 2 Great to hear! Several users said they have been playing safely for several days now. Could you please show me your config file? I doubt the cheat is detected because several users can play without issues.
  3. Great to hear. Please keep in mind that you should not play too obviously. Avoid using overpowered settings.
  4. A user of ours have been playing on the platform since we announced it. A new config file was uploaded to the website and an announcement was posted regarding the updated config file settings.
  5. Hey, A few users were banned today, however it is unclear if all users were affected or not. We are waiting for more information. I have removed it from the list while we gather the data. We will investigate and conduct our own test this week. While we do that we will also wait for users to report if anything has happened or not. So far 4 users reported it.
  6. I have given you 1 day. We will wait for more reports to come in. Thank you for testing.
  7. I think we will wait a week before marking it as Undetected. Okay thank you for testing. Let us know if anything happens! : ) We will wait a whole week. I think that should be enough. Would you like to test as well? I can give you a test period.
  8. I will upload it today. Sorry for the delay i get a lot of messages.
  9. The ID should reset automatically every time a user renews the Internet cafe lisncese. Other subsriptions can only be reset by admins.
  10. Dear Users, We brought back support for Perfect World PvP as we believe we have found the cause and fixed it. As we are unable to test on the platform due to regional limitations we require a few testers from China to verify our theory. If you wish to test on the platform we recommend all users to NOT use their main accounts as we are not 100% sure yet. CURRENT STATUS: UNDER TESTING An example configuration will be uploaded shortly to the following page: https://umbrasoftware.net/premade-configurations/
  11. We have recieved no ban reports from none of our users. Getting blocked can be because of a large amount of reports on your profile. As far as we know the cheat remains to be safe to use on all platforms listed here: https://umbrasoftware.net/status/
  12. It is Hardware ID bound just like everything else we have in our current offering. The HWID automatically resets every time a user renews. It is designed to be used on one PC / day. The functions are the same as "Wraith 5EWIN" and they can be found here:
  13. Reverted the purchase. Now you have the paid amount as account credit which you can use to buy the version you wanted.
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