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  1. Shifty


    Are you in Internet cafe? Is it at the end of the round? Does irt happen always? We will add a function soon to reload the cheat without restarting.
  2. If you have connection problems please find me on QQ. I will try and help you.
  3. Hello, It is safe to use as long as you follow our instructions. Simply make sure to enable the Radar in your configuration file. Then grab your phone/tablet/notebook and open a web browser. Open our website and login to you account, then click on "radar" in the navigation panel: or on Phone: Please take a few minutes and read our instructions below or on the Client generation page: https://umbrasoftware.net/client-download/ If you have any questions please contact us either here on the forum or you can alternatively contact me on Discord and QQ. My d
  4. There are text based instructions.
  5. Shifty


    We have been safe since we have released the 5e version. We released 2020 spring.
  6. Dear Users, You can get 20% discount by using the code below: 您可以使用以下代码获得15%的折扣: NEWYEAR2021 Happy New Year! 新年快乐! How to buy, and change billing period: Your browser does not support the video tag. Local Mirror https://umbrasoftware.net/uploads/monthly_2020_11/billing.mp4
  7. We have Alipay supported. Why is it troublesome? If you need after sales help contact me on QQ: 1093819142 I can invite you to a group.
  8. Hello, I have reset it for you. Now you will be able to login : ) Next time you need this please let us know so we can help you sooner. I see you tried to login a few days ago too but failed, so I have added a few days to your time.
  9. Shifty


    You can login now! I have reset it for you! ?
  10. 1. No sorry. Here is a simple program that disables Defender for you: https://www.sordum.org/files/downloads.php?st-defender-control It can easily enable it again if you want. 2. We are currently testing the triggerbot with positive results. Next step is Triggerbot + radar. Our test with aimbot enabled indicated that they detect our aimbot, so it will take additional time to support aimbot on Perfect World. I have sent you a private message with a QQ group number. You can join there : )
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