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  1. Hi, Add me on Discord and we can have a talk about your options.
  2. Thank you for your kind words.
  3. I have approved it. You can find the payment bill here: https://umbrasoftware.net/clients/orders/
  4. As I can see you managed to successfully purchase. Your card was declined by your bank before, but it seems you have solved it already.
  5. Shifty

    HumanizedRCS demo

    umbra.mp4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-vpQ34KeY
  6. 您在使用我们的软件时被禁止了吗? 加我微信。 我也许可以帮助您解决 5e 机器代码禁令。
  7. Have you tried reinstalling the computer?
  8. I think you need to reisntall windows. I can make up the time for you after you resintall windows.
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