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  1. 我正在整理网站的权利嗷。我已经加班了14个多小时,没有休息过。我想在睡觉前完成它。
  2. 我还在努力中。请耐心等待。当一切准备就绪后,我会发布公告并发送邮件。
  3. Yes it will be significantly safer and more stable. We plan to release it this week yes. This week bro. We plan to release it this week yes.
  4. We have recieved soem reports lately. There are many users who complained but there are many who use it without any issues as well We will release a new software to fix all these problems this week.
  5. Sorry no. We currently only have Radar and Sound ESP. Currently both of them are being updated.
  6. If you still need help with this please contact me on QQ: 1207964767
  7. Dont use the the in game radar on EAC. Use Cloud radar on your phone or tablet or notebook instead. Do not use it on the same computer.
  8. Contact me: 1207964767
  9. You are most welcome!
  10. You can contact me directly on QQ: 1207964767 If you prefer a Chinese speaking sales agent I can give you their contact information.
  11. It will be added yes. If you wish I can add you to the tester list. Please open a ticket: https://umbrasoftware.net/contact/
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