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  1. Shifty

    HumanizedRCS demo

    umbra.mp4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-vpQ34KeY
  2. 您在使用我们的软件时被禁止了吗? 加我微信。 我也许可以帮助您解决 5e 机器代码禁令。
  3. Have you tried reinstalling the computer?
  4. I think you need to reisntall windows. I can make up the time for you after you resintall windows.
  5. We may support it in the near future. Feel free to check back later.
  6. You can turn it off. HumanizedRCS = 0 IN the GLOBAL section like this: [GLOBAL] Aimbot.AccuracyFix = 1 LegitMode = 0 HumanizedRCS = 0
  7. Try this config: titan.txt Tell me the results!
  8. Have you tried rebuilding the software?
  9. With our recent update we think it is safe to use again! We are still waiting for user feedback.
  10. Show me your configuration file please. Tell me your in game sensitivity and DPI. Tell me your screen resolution.
  11. What anti cheat are you planning on using it?
  12. You are not saying what software are you loading in specific.
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