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  1. 是的,大的更新正在到来。 我们有客户在5E上玩Wraith是的。然而,这是在目前进行的,风险自负。 我们正在进行一个非常大的安全更新,以恢复你所知道的我们的高稳定性和安全性。
  2. Replied to you support ticket. The system autoamtically renewed you. I have reversed the auto renewal for you.
  3. That configuration is for "Wraith". You currently own "Titan". The settings are not cross-compantible.
  4. Returned it for you: https://umbrasoftware.net/clients/credit/
  5. Shifty

    Titan&Titan+ demo

    私下里发给你了。 你还想要它吗?还是你已经自己配置了它?
  6. You can purchase directly: https://umbrasoftware.net/store/product/16-titan/
  7. I solved it for you! You can go here: https://umbrasoftware.net/clients/purchases/7163-wraith-5ewin/ Click reactivate:
  8. We know it is taking longer than expected. We are working on it and it will come shortly. IF you wish i can convert your current subscribtion into the version without radar and give you some extra time due to the price difference.
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