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  1. What is the situation, has it been banned up to now?
  2. Please remember the acting skills, don’t be too obvious, because the perfect manual review is very strict, we only look at whether the program will be detected by anti-cheat
  3. ,It is currently uncertain that the new version will still cause the perfect platform pac to be banned, and if detected it will be banned in about 4 to 12 hours after playing.
  4. 。Have you turned off the 5e parameters and turned on the parameters of the perfect platform?
  5. Before that, I played on the perfect platform for three days. The first two days were not blocked, and the pac blockade appeared on the third day. However, after adding the perfect parameters after this update, I don’t know if this will happen again. I suggest You test three days later to see if there is any ban.
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