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[Teaser]EfiGuardian - Pure UEFI based cheat coming soon!

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Dear users, 

We are excited to announce that secretly behind the scenes we have been hard at work creating a new cheat for CS:GO that will support ALL anticheat platforms (we hope) by leveraging the power of UEFI without compromising on features.

This cheat was created to combat all existing incompatibility issues with our flagship product (Wraith), in itself Wraith supports more anticheats than any other competitor and with EfiGuardian this will cater to the extreme professional and the more advanced anticheat systems.

We have not yet discussed the schematics of this so we will announce more information soon, but please do get excited as we are about to embark on something truly special.



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Sorry about the dirty screen, it was the blood sweat and tears from coding this beast 🙂

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