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Dear Users,

Join us in celebrating the release of Titan, Titan runs entirely in kernelmode and comes equipped with only the best security for our users, this allows us to support anticheats that have previously been unavailable and provide a bespoke product to our users that demand that extra level of security and peace of mind.

Titan comes in two forms currently, there is the standard Titan version and a Titan+ version, the latter is an Invite Only version for the extreme gamer that requires better than the best.

Whichever weapon you choose at UmbraSoftware, our commitment to security is beyond anything else on the market and always will be.  You are safe in our hands!

Please see below how to apply for Titan+

Wraith is currently undergoing an update to support 5e in a more stable manner, a small % of our total 5E userbase has received a detection which is still a mystery to us however we are upgrading the security in Wraith to ensure there cannot even be any doubt of its stability in the future.


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亲爱的用户们: 我们希望你和我们一样对我们的新作弊软件感到兴奋,它完全运行在ring0(内核)级别。这一进步使我们能够增加对反作弊的支持,在此之前几乎没有相同类的软件可以做到! 目前Titan有两个版本:Titan和Titan+。两者的不同之处在于,Titan+是Titan的一个“仅限邀请”的分支,在许多情况下,它在技术层面上与Titan不同。它们的结构相似,但在核心上,泰坦+



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52 minutes ago, 17792318703 said:

How long does it take to apply for Titan qualification but fail?

I dont understand the question.

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2 hours ago, s13585612113 said:

I sumbit my Titan+ request when can I do the payment


Be patience. Applications/requests are handled manually

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5 hours ago, 596232850 said:

Blue screen when loading titan computer 

What is your windows version?



10 minutes ago, 13837835559 said:

How long have you used Umbra software products?
Answer: It has been used for nearly a year.

How did you get to know the Umbra series of software?
Answer: Explore by yourself.

Did you buy it from an agent?
Answer: No, purchased from the author Smile.

Our agents can make an invitation. Does he recommend you? What is the ID of the referrer?
Answer: I have communicated with the agent, and the agent is willing to recommend and help me get titan+.

Of course, people with TItan+ qualifications can also be invited. What is the ID of the recommender?
Answer: My account number: 13837835559

Please submit it here and wait for an answer.


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20 hours ago, 1257303330 said:

The result of applying for Titan shows that it has been resolved. Does it mean that you have obtained the Titan qualification? Where can I download the Titan client?

You're still required to buy Titan (after you've past the application/qualification)

7 hours ago, haidafu said:

I still can't buy it after applying

Please create a ticket or a seperate thread about the issue


3 hours ago, wyqabc1 said:


Please create a ticket or a seperate thread about the issue

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1 hour ago, QuzFlips said:






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53 minutes ago, 1257303330 said:

Then I bought the ghost for a year before that means there is no more. Is there no point discount?

You can purchase Titan+ for either 180 days or 360 days.
Your remaining Wraith subscription time can be converted into 310 euros.
Your special offer for purchasing Titan+ after Wraith subscription conversion: 

- 180 days: (450 euro - 310 euro)
- 360 days: (850 euro - 400 euro)

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12 minutes ago, QuzFlips said:

您可以购买Titan + 180天或360天。
在幽灵订阅转换后购买Titan +的特别优惠: 



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6 minutes ago, 1257303330 said:

Where should i pay

Which option would you like to purchase? 180 days or 360 days?

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