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Several questions before buying

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57 minutes ago, stats360 said:

1. 不知道为什么这里有这么多汉字。Umbra 有中国开发者或版主吗?

2. 我很好奇与 'leaguemode' 的关系,因为我记得几年前使用 LM。



第二. 有没有关系有影响呢?你挺操心.


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On 6/16/2021 at 1:20 PM, stats360 said:

1. Not sure why so many chinese characters here. Are there any Chinese devs or moderators in Umbra?

2. I'm curious about the relationship with 'leaguemode' cuz I remember using LM several years ago.


A lot of our users are from China yes. No there is no staff member who is from China.

Leaguemode was shut down by the owner as he found a job that he liked more. The remaining of the team started Umbra. Razex replaced Tristan as our main coder. Due to legal reasons we couldnt keep on using the Leaguemode name.

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