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If you Guys searching For League Hack feel Free to buy this Hack/ I

Price :-  Price is so cheap / i don't Know how long they will sell This hack for same price/

Aimbot-  in forums some guys post their Legit Setting / if u guys want to play league  no doubt  buy this hack and use their Config / i m playing Like 2 days insane Aimbot  and it's  seem legit /  You can't get manually ban from any League / like 5win and others

radar :-  It's Fine  with radar you cant play ovs so you wont get ban( i prefer Aimbot cuz u can stream with Aimbot  : )

Support - Shifty / Razex ,   both r cool guy  They helped me alot / 24 hours support not a joke . but they did well ty very much sir 

security :- actually I m using for 2 days I can't Say now , may be in future /


If you guys want to buy this hack You guys Can use my referrals :-   https://umbrasoftware.net/refer/185/ ( up to u )


Hack - 10/10 . ( Just buy it )  

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