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想知道现在的幽灵5E win 还是原来的味道吗    和原来的参数和使用方法是一样的吗

稳定性现在怎么样    持续稳定吗

电脑是20H2 系统可以用吗

作者或者管理员的联系方式   比如QQ是多少

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18 hours ago, origin said:

Would you like to know if the current Ghost 5E win still has the original flavor? Are the parameters and usage the same as the original?

How is the stability now? Is it stable?

Can the computer be used with a 20H2 system?

The contact information of the author or the administrator, such as what is the QQ

1. It is the same as original.
2. As far as we know it is safe to use yes. Dont play too violently and you should remain safe and stable. For improved secruity we recommend Titan.
3. Yes it can be
4. CUrrently i do not use QQ, as it is a little bit overwhelming, but I plan to return to use it again next month.
You can contact me on Discord.com:

You need to climb the wall for Discord.com

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