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你好 问一些问题


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1 hour ago, D1NOVO said:

1. I am an Internet cafe user, which version of Titan do I need to buy?

2. Can the W7 system be played?

3. Where is the USB shipped?


1. Titan Internet cafe will bind to USB drive only. It depends on your preference really and how often do you go there. Maybe if you go there regularly you can buy a longer regular version and instead opt for using the unbinding service. I can provide a discount for you if you buy 10 unbindings at a time.
2. We did not test it on Windows 7, but it is unlikely it will work.
3. We do not ship USB 😀 You can use any kind of USB stick.

1 hour ago, D1NOVO said:

4. How can I join when I want to participate in the group chat? What is the discord number?


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