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加了PVPSecure=0之后 没有任何效果,自瞄速度还是很慢


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Aimbot.AccuracyFix = 1
PVPSecure = 0   这个限制没有任何用  我把所有的aimbot.smooth拉到1 它就是这个效果,根本锁不住人,我试了很多参数 所有的都一样锁不住人,有没有解决办法,我已经有1天没效果了,我希望能快速解决,如果可以的话能够补时间
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22 hours ago, zhangloveak7 said:

Me and you are the same


5 hours ago, yan said:

What to do

I just tried it and it works....

I have rebuilt the software for you.


If you want to disable the limit you can do this:

Aimbot.AccuracyFix = 1
PVPSecure = 0




Config with disabled limiter.

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