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Im back to csgo since 2014.. I finally found you guys 🙂

Whats the current place to play to find pro gamers if I wanted to try to go pro in csgo? What place & what site is where the pro tournaments done? Besides ESEA LOL. & faceit.


ESL? I was looking and see ESL is now been shut down. They stopped esl wire last week. What esports should i go for? Gamersclub run pro tournaments? THANKS! I plan on purchasing soon! Just trying to figure things out. 

BTW are the cheats with ESP / radar Stream proof? 

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Btw, If I buy wraith for $30... and 2-4 days later want to upgrade to titan is that possible? and pro-rate the cost for the 27 or days left of original sub to the upgrade? THANKS! Waiting! Because I'm definitely gonna buy wraith  at least either today or tomorrow 

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