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TT+ 无效


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自从我购买TT+ 以来,已经过去了将近20天期间遇到各种问题,并没有一次成功的用过,重建,重做系统,你们的回复,几天才回复我一次,但是我每一天都在浪费时间,浪费金钱。我是你们的忠实客户,非常多的次数购买了你们的软件,但是并没有得到你们的重视,我渐渐已近对TT+失去信心,

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On 12/22/2021 at 10:09 AM, 78428286 said:

Since I purchased TT+, nearly 20 days have passed and I have encountered various problems. I have not successfully used, rebuilt, or redone the system once. Your reply only replied to me every few days, but I am always there every day. A waste of time, a waste of money. I am your loyal customer. I have purchased your software a lot of times , but I have not received your attention. I have gradually lost confidence in TT+.

Please, be so kind to open a support ticket - https://umbrasoftware.net/support/. We will solve your issues there and discuss additional days compensation 🙂

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