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1 minute ago, zxc6266655 said:

The function of seeing through the enemy, the position of the enemy can be seen through the wall.

Wallhack? It is unsafe to use this function on 5E and Perfect World. We have ingame radar hack and will add cloud radar and sonar as well in future updates.

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9 minutes ago, zxc6266655 said:

Can the in-game radar be used on the 5E platform? I don’t know how to turn on the game radar function. Is this function safe?

It should be used with great caution. Activate it as a toggle (on/off) when you need an information, not as a permanent one.

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2 hours ago, zxc6266655 said:

I played two games this morning, and it didn’t work if I held the gun and held down ALT. 

Press ALT once, don't hold it. Just press once. And send me your cfg here, please, I will check your settings.

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5 hours ago, zxc6266655 said:

I just pressed alt once, do I want to adjust the radar map to full screen?

Your cfg is fine. Press ALT once, then just don't forget that it won't work while you hold knife or nade. I recommend to set radar size to 1.30 and zoom to 0.40 in CSGO settings

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