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12 hours ago, chenchenchaocai said:

I only expired on 1-17, please help to solve it, thank you!image.thumb.png.0ab307e6dff100d91db0749ed0a6aeaa.pngimage.png.79b0a0502fd3d8cd6a015ac8a659cd02.png


12 hours ago, Lucifer said:

Me too, I only expired on 2/4


3 hours ago, 1329105407 said:

Me too, I only expired in March, why are all my tt+ modules gone?


2 hours ago, yan said:

The same is true for me, open TT+ to prepare to play the official game and the result shows that there is no ready-made subscription available

All subscriptions were frozen for the testing time. All remaining days + additional bonus days will be compensated once the software is safe on 5E again :)

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