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1.朋友推荐我说用us,但是我看us的介绍只能用于官匹,而tt或者tt+可以用于5E或者完美平台,所以如果我如果要玩5E或者完美平台,是选择US 还是TT或TT+

2.TT和TT+的区别是什么,只是差了一个雷达吗? 还是说在功能性和稳定上存在差异

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13 hours ago, yht0500 said:

1. My friend recommended me to use US, but I see that the introduction of US is only suitable for official games, and tt or tt+ can be used for 5E or perfect platform, so if I only need to play 5E or perfect platform, should I choose US or TT or TT+

2. What is the difference between TT and TT+, is it just a radar difference? Or is there a difference in functionality and stability?

At the moment we do not support Perfect. We are running tests.
5E is supported by Titan+.

The following functions are available:

  1. Aimbot (auto aim)
  2. Triggerbot (auto shoot)
  3. RCS (压力枪).

Radar is not available on 5E. The last time we tested it proved to be unsafe, so we forefully disable it for all 5e servers.


You can find our anti-cheat support list here:

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