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Management come in and have a look


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23 hours ago, usu0 said:

He told me yesterday that the test was going on and went live today with no issues but didn't reply to me about compensation and any news


21 hours ago, 763669009 said:

I can only wait for the update for the moment. My half-moon card has only been used for a week. I think I will make up the time when it is updated



We have all the necessary data on record and time is frozen for each and every user who have had time at the time.

Both of you have 9 days frozen as at the time of the 5e update you both still had 9 days available.
This means that when we finally solve the problem you will be able to thaw your original 9 days of time and additional compensation will be given if any of your accounts were banned.

I am sorry for the lack of reply, but i have been sick the past few days.

Regarding the test results:
So far the testers reported to me that they have been frozen, so in short it was not successful, but we ran some additional tests and we have narrowed down the possible issues that we need to fix in order to provide a safe software once again.


We will run another test in the next few days, and we hope that we confirm our theory and that our fix will solve this situation.

If the next batch of tests fail too, then we will switch to UEFI which will certainly fix these issues at hand.

Please do not be so upset, about not being able to participate in the test. You didnt miss much. It is not really exciting. I have received a lot of tester offers and quite simply it is overwhelming. We appreciate the support but, I am only one man who is on top of it all caught a cold, which I am almost recovered from. (common cold).


If you have any important request or question please feel free to submit a ticket, or write on the forum or send me a private message on the forum.
You can also write on Wechat, but as of now i have 110+ unread messages, so it will take a while for me to reply.

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