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2 hours ago, Kharzthen said:

So, i'm a LM user 


1. This cheat have flickshotkey? 


2. Triggerbot detected on gc? bc in the past i saw triggerbot is risky on gamersclub (LM) 

3. Discount code for LM Users? 

4. Check my ticket support 




Currently we do not have a flickshot function.

Triggerbot is safe to use on all anticheats including gamersclub.

Pm me your username you had on lm and I will create you one.

I will reply to your support ticket.


Just to create some excitement I will let you in on an upcoming update.

Both the aimbot and triggerbot will have vastly improved visibility checking very soon. No more following through wall when they go behind cover. Accurate visibility checking as if the cheat was internal. To my knowledge this has not been done before in any other external cheat. 


Currently under testing and debugging.

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