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Umbra Review


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G'day mates!

I'm a old cheat user, since LM..

i really liked Umbra because this topics below:

Safety: Admin and devs from Umbre has large experience with cheats, they know how can be a better league cheat, they know how be a the best league cheat in that scene.

you just need to be a "safe" player to don't be banned.. not to extreme strong config ..

Aimbot: that feature is the best ones of all League cheat scene, i've never seen nothing like this since LM.. it's too powerfull, but you need to test MANY times to found a perfect config to ur game, but u can do it!

Triggerbot: my favorite one, that config u can really make the difference at ur game, u just need to be carefull. (extra tip: just use sometimes with deagle and scout..)

Load a Cheat: its too safety, very easy, probably u don't ha ve any problem with that, is to ez that load.

Support: but, if u have any problem all support team is here to help us, support is always available, like 24 hours a day and when the support doesn't answer u, out comunnity is gonna to help.


my self experience with many cheats  say "It's better than others league cheat"


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