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54 minutes ago, qingshanbugai said:

Wait for reply online



Anyhow I have removed the question for now. Your friends should be able to register without needing to enter the name.

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2 hours ago, qingshanbugai said:

It has been resolved that my friend named chouchou is there any reward for bringing a friend? Give me some time 

If your friend uses your invite link you get 10% of their spending every time they buy or renew.


Your friend did not use your invite link which you can find it under "direct link" . I have manually added 10% of his spending to your account. If you want to earn 10% of his spending every time your friend renews then tell him to register again with your invite link when his current time expires.

For example my invite link is /2/ because my userID is 2.

For you it will be:




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