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45 minutes ago, 2414139031 said:

What is the difference between 5e win cloud radar and cloud radar, now 5e anti-cheat update, can the ghost not be found in the new anti-cheat

Wraith Cloud radar = Cheat for users who play on NON-5EWIN servers.
Wraith 5ewin Cloud Radar = Cheat for users who play on 5EWIN and other servers.

The 5e version contains our 5e bypass. For obvious reason I will not go into details on this one. ?

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Just now, Shifty said:

Wraith 5ewin Cloud Radar =欺骗在5EWIN和其他服务器上玩的用户。



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Just now, 2414139031 said:

For 5e’s new anti-cheat, can the ghost be as undetected as before

Yes. We have recieved zero reports from our customers.

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