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Common Pre-Sale Questions

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Anti-Cheat Status/Supported Leagues -> Status

Last Detection -> Never

Accepted payment methods -> Stripe, Coinbase (BTC,LTC,ETH,BCH), Alipay

Faceit -> Faceit's server side plugin is supported,but not the Anti-Cheat itself

Cheat Menu -> The cheat is external and has no menu. Settings are configured through the config

Cheat Features/Prices -> Features/Prices

5win supportability  -> We support 5E ,but not B5

Where to purchase 5ewin cheat? -> Titan & Wraith

5ewin League is not supported on the Wraith Basic Version

 Other Games Anti-Cheat -> Other games Anti-Cheats doesn't pick up on our software

Our Testimonials/Vouches -> Testimonials/Vouches

Config Selection -> After you purchase the cheat,you'll be able to download few premade configs or make your own config

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