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End of the Journey

2020.01 - 2023.12.25

From Razex

Hey Everyone,
It's time for me to part ways with Umbra Software, and I wanted to share a few words with you, our customers and partners.
These past almost 4 years at Umbra have been a significant part of my life. Working alongside my partners, Shifty and Null, has been a unique experience - full of ups and downs, challenges, and some good times. But now, life's pulling me in different directions, and I can't give Umbra the time it needs. It's a hard choice, but it's the right one for me.
I really value the trust you've placed in our products. Your support has been crucial, and your feedback has helped us grow. Seeing how far we've come, especially with the help of many of our agents who've been great at expanding our reach, is something I genuinely appreciate.
Not every moment was perfect, and not every partnership was smooth, but it's been real, and for that, I'm thankful. So, here's to the end of this chapter and the start of new ones for all of us.
Thanks for being a part of our story at Umbra Software.
Warm regards,

From Null

It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to you all, and indeed to the cheating scene. I have developed cheats for just over 20 years, dating right back to CS 1.5 and have enjoyed every aspect of this overall and would not change it for the world, the time has come to hang up my hat and leave it to the younger generation, I have achieved a lot throughout the years working alongside many top tier p2c sites and Umbra Software was by far the best.
Thank you all for your custom, support and last but certainly not least thank you to Razex and Shifty for your hard work and also for putting up with my sometimes intolerable nature. What we achieved during our highlight phases with Umbra and Leaguemode was nothing short of revolutionary and for that we can bow out with grace and be proud.

From Shifty

Dear Friends,
I'm sitting down to write this with a really heavy heart. It's about us closing down Umbra Software, and honestly, just typing this out feels surreal.
Goodbyes are never easy, and expressing my feelings in words feels like an arduous task. Yet, here I am, trying to encapsulate the multitude of sentiments that flood my heart as we bid farewell.
What a ride it's been with Umbra Software, right? From day one, it's been my baby, something I've poured my heart and soul into. Working hand in glove with Razex and Null had its peaks and valleys nonetheless, I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel very fortunate to have worked with with talents like Razex and Null.
Throughout these 4 years, Umbra Software and our community has been an integral part of my life, however lately it has become more and more clear that it would not last forever.
Life, with its unpredictable twists and turns, has decided to pull us in different directions. While change is inevitable, it doesn't make the parting any less poignant. As we embark on new chapters, I want to keep you all close to my heart.
Our memories will be immortalized on this page, a collection of shared stories, inside jokes, and the silent understanding that transcends words. I carry with me the lessons learned, the laughter shared, and the steadfast support that defined our team's friendship as well as our tight-knit community.
As we step into the unknown, I find solace in the belief that true friendships withstand the test of distance and time. Although miles may separate us physically, our hearts will forever be connected by the threads of camaraderie we wove together.
Change is the only constant, they say, and though it may bring tears of farewell, it also paves the way for new beginnings.
You may ask why would we shut down? Primarily as a consequence of time limitations beyond my control, coupled with a regrettable downturn in sales figures.
Next year, I'm diving into something new, and I'd love to keep you in the loop. If you're curious, just reach out to me.

Update: New project: ""

Wishing you all the success, happiness, and fulfilment that life has to offer. May our paths cross again, and until then, take care, my dear friends.
With heartfelt good wishes,